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Defence Attaché

+61 47 042 2232

Assistant (Defence Attaché)

(+61) 482 024 943




Defence Cooperation Programs

Australia has been providing a longstanding support to Cambodia in the context of Economic and Human Resourse development. Along with that, Australia had also contributed and participated in Cambodia peace process during the 1990s by deployed Australian Peacekeepers in UNTAC and many other diplomatic supports.

In the defense sector, Australia has offered huge support by providing RCAF personnel the opportunity to graduate from Australia's high standard military education institutes. Which are the part of professional development, such as counter terrorism capability development, defence cooperation scholarship, English language training program, maritime security. Not to mention, many other supports that had provided to Cambodia Peacekeeping Center, and Defense White Paper development.

The Defence Cooperation between Australia and Cambodia is tightening the relationship of our two countries work together for mutual interest and development.

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